Gutter cleaning is one of those jobs most homeowners dread. Gutters are premeditated to channel rainwater away from the exterior of a structure and stop it from seeping into walls, windowsills, and foundations, where it can cause rot, dampness, and mold to set in. Cleaning your channels safely and efficiently requires taking your time and using the right tools. Whenever you like cleaning, do it towards the rainy season and the end of Autumn to make it even. However, it would assist if you did it during the end of the spring season because trees and flowers would have grown roots and pollen that can form in the gutter runs. In this article, Today, we bring to such a method the process to clean high gutters that we found pretty compelling.

Fellow, this Precaution before any process you start:


These are the few steps to make yourself safe when cleaning high gutters. First, you should protect your skin and eyes from harm. Secondly, wear gloves and a jacket to protect your body. Also, wear a mask to evade inhaling any chemicals infraction.

Using a Blower:


Cleaning your gutters using a leaf blower is usually a simple chore that doesn’t require a ladder. Before you begin, make sure the leaves and twigs obstructing the channel are as dry as possible. Next, make sure your position yourself at the end of your gutter and hold the attachment right above your drain. Then, when the time comes, carefully blow the debris out of the channel from one side to the other; the pipe may be unclogged with a simple blow, especially when it’s minimally blocked, and with the correct tools, you won’t have to use a ladder and risk your safety.

Garden hose:


So long as they are not entirely clogged, you can clean your gutters successfully with a garden hose; by using an extension, such as the Gutter Master Telescopic Water Fed Pole, you can position on the ground not on a ladder, as you work. Start at the end adjacent to the downspout, spray out the complete channel length, and then work back to the downspout. Assume some mess—water, leaves, and small twigs are likely to spray over the gutter’s sides, so dress appropriately. This is one of the most effective ways to clean high gutters, specifically during spring.

Clean high gutters with Water Pressure:


Pressurized water is the main advantage of the pressure washer to clean eaves channels, and also Pressure washing is one of the speediest ways to clean high gutters. But for this process, you must require a telescoping wand and U-shaped attachment for your power washer. Secure your rod and affection to your power washer. Turn on the machine and move slowly from one side to the other Work your way from one end of the gutter to the other; you must adjust the pressure of your machine to avoid causing damage to your property. Pausing every few minutes to let the water drain.

Wet/dry vacuum:

Cleaning gutters from the ground is possible with a gutter vacuum. If you know your gutters are clogged with debris such as pinecones, twigs, or leaves, you can vacuum them out instead of climbing a ladder. However, because it may not be able to remove all of the debris from your gutter, this is only a temporary solution. After removing the bulk of the material, wet down your channels with your garden hose for a deeper clean. Connect your attachment to the vacuum and position yourself at the end of your gutter. Repeat with the rest of your channels.

Last thoughts:


I shared some most effective ways to clean high gutters in this article.

But we suggest that hiring an experienced gutter company is likely the easiest thing you can do to get your guttering system unblocked. Professional gutter installation contractors and gutter cleaning services use unique industrial gutter vacuum cleaning systems with long extension poles like the ones we work with.